Basketball Hoops & Goals

PM Sports is a leading basketball hoop supplier in AustraliA.


We have 20 years of experience in supplying quality basketball equipment.

Among our more popular items are basketball hoops, or basketball goals. We offer a broad range of basketball court equipment including basketball hoops, free standing basketball hoops, basketball poles and height-adjustable basketball stands.

We have experience is supplying basketball court equipment to wide variety of clients including local councils, sporting clubs and private individuals who are looking for quality solutions at affordable prices.

No matter whom the customer may be, we take pride in ensuring that all our basketball goals and towers are made in Australia and comply with all Australian safety regulations.

Some of our basketball court projects in include:

Side-swing Basketball Post

Basketball Post

Reversible basketball Netball tower

Basketball tower in new suburban development

Basketball tower in new suburb

Our basketball stands are designed to be durable enough for use in public indoor and outdoor courts. We also have indoor basketball goals that can be mounted on walls to save space, which is very useful in multi-use halls. We also have free standing basketball hoops and basketball poles that are height-adjustable for younger children.

If you are unsure of what you need, you can rely on the experienced staff at PM Sports to give you advice on the best type of basketball goals or basketball stands for your indoor or outdoor court.

Our basketball hoops and goals are manufactured and assembled right here in Adelaide, South Australia.  For the widest possible choice in quality, affordable basketball goals and towers in Adelaide, get in touch with us today.

Whatever you’re looking for in a goal, talk to us today!