Regency Park Golf Course Netting

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Recently Completed Projects

Regency Park Golf Course lies immediately alongside South Road in Regency Park. South Road is Adelaide’s busy north-south arterial and so protecting the busy traffic from errant golf balls is a critical road safety issue and just the type of challenge the team at PM are experts with.

PM Sports extended the original perimeter golf net by 90 meters and up to a dizzy 16 Meters high.

In addition the team also installed a number of other golf nets to protect workers and equipment at the nearby Regency Park  Superway Project.

Aerial photos of this major project including one with the Regency Park golf nets can be viewed here.

The Regency Park Golf Course project provides 2000 square metres of protective netting and was completed on the required date.
The netting has a 1mm stainless steel wire in the centre of the mesh making it extremely strong and wind resistant.

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