Phos Camden Cricket Facility

The Details

The Project

PM Sports are proud to be involved with the $6M upgrade of the historic Camden Oval.  This community facility is shared with the PHOS Camden football teams, Glenelg District Cricket Club and Camden Athletic Club.

Upgrades of the playground and existing netball and tennis courts and a new court were part of the project.

Job Start up / Clearing and levelling / Base works

There was a large space that was not being used and in consultation with the West Torrens Council, PM Sports suggested we utilize this space for the multisport facility.

Site Preparation

We began the job with the clearing of scrub and trees in the front corner of the sporting grounds. The area was levelled/compacted and a 100mm PM2 class rubble base was laid and compacted to give the sporting complex a solid foundation.


Security gates to preserve the facility

The Solution

Facility installation

To begin the process we marked out our post positioning on the foundation, had the holes dug to depth and the posts were installed to height. Followed by 100mm 32mpa concrete slab which gives us a structurally integral surface to lay our synthetic grass.

The 32 mpa concrete and our 5mm steel posts are important because this is where we believe complexes really shine. They are very strong components of the job and insure the infrastructure withstands the test of time and don’t weaken or give way.

The finish

To finish the job off we covered the entire slab with a 9mm synthetic grass. We particularly like this grass: it’s a fast surface and ideal for cricket but also allows the football and soccer club to use the surface in the winter. This makes for a fully multi-season and multi-sport facility.

We installed retractable lane nets to divide the complex into separate cricket lanes.  These can be retracted back into lockable boxes to open the surface up and allow other sports to use in the off-season.

We also finished it off with a strong soft net roof to 12m which keeps the balls in the complex and the public safe for use in cricket season.


The Council, Cricket Club and PM Sports decided that full lockable gates to enclose the main part of the facility was important to keep it in great condition for a long time.

Also with the complex being so close to the busy Anzac Highway we installed a 2m flap of soft netting across the front of the roof to ensure that no wayward balls were going to make there way onto the road.

These two add-ons really finished the job and ensured the complex is safe environment for the club and the community around it.


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