Cricket Pitches

PM Sports offers 3 heavyweight solutions to match your most demanding cricket pitch requirements.

And as you may have already heard, no-one creates better concrete cricket pitches than PM Sports. Choose from the effort-free durability of synthetic grass; or for an even tougher solution, look to the maximum robustness of a mighty “All Seasons Pitch”. 

Concrete Cricket Pitches

PM Sports are one of the leading installers of Concrete Cricket Pitches.

We can excavate, prepare and concrete a pitch that your club will enjoy for years of even the most punishing play.

That’s because we build them to perfection.

In fact, every concrete pitch we build is 100mm deep, with 72 ply mesh and 32 mpa concrete. All on top of a compacted rubble base.

Our team of expert installers are second to none with wide experience and a commitment to a quality cricket pitch installation and to complete your job on time.

Contact PM Sports today for an obligation free quote on the pitch you need.

Synthetic Grass Cricket Pitch

Artificial synthetic grass cricket pitches can be installed on new or existing pitches.

And nobody does an artificial turf pitch better than PM Sports.  After all, PM Sports’ synthetic grass and synthetic lawn products are manufactured with only the highest quality components. They are then expertly installed with premium waterproof adhesive for an incredibly durable finish.

Why take our word for it? – Ask some of our highly impressed clients, including:

  • Port Adelaide Cricket Club
  • Walkerville Cricket Club
  • Christian Brothers College
  • Jamestown Indoor Centre…Just to name a few.

Learn more about how easy it is to move to an imitation grass pitch, now. Reach us via our contact page.

Cricket Pitch Cover

When you’re ready to surrender your beautiful synthetic cricket pitch to the winter sports season, go one step further. Add a super-robust Cricket Pitch Cover!

These covers simply go straight over your 9mm synthetic grass and provide a 40mm (1 ½ ”) grass cover that looks just like regular grass.

These covers are now all the rage because they provide maximum durability and least effort for the busiest of clubs.

They are a breeze to install; and just as easy to remove and store at the end of your winter sports season.

Our pitch covers will keep your cricket pitch in top condition for years.

Contact PM Sports today for an obligation free quote on the pitch you need.

Cricket pitch cover