All Weather Tennis Nets

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Products

Echunga Tennis Club All-weather nets

This time of year when one day is beautiful spring weather – great for playing tennis – then the next day is a torrential downpour it’s important to use weather resistant tennis nets.

This saves you from having to remove and store the nets between playing days then having to drag them out from the club storage again for the next playing day. Its all tedious and hard work that no-one ever wants to help with.

If the courts are ready to play on with the tennis nets already up you might even encourage a few new players to have a hit too.

PM Sports Tennis Nets are all-weather UV Stablised with a PVC headband that lasts. The netting is quality polypropylene so it doesn’t absorb water and drys out quickly. The nets are made to last in our tough Australian climate.

So save yourself the time and energy needed to setup and remove the tennis nets all the time, and speak to one of our team about all-weather tennis nets

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